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Here’s the word: Calgary teacher tells Why Kids Can’t Spell

Krista Sylvester
Metro Calgary
December 08, 2008

Calgary teacher Roberta Heembrock knows the importance of proper spelling in today’s society, so she decided to write a book about it.

Why Kids Can’t Spell is a book written for parents and teachers that talks about the importance of proper spelling, and how to best teach children the subject.

“Lots of reading and writing and exploring vocabulary and the language all help children to become more creative in their writing,” Heembrock said.

Heembrock believes children learn best through repetitive exercises and hands-on training, such as using interactive activities and imitation.

“Through imitation and rehearsing, kids will learn to remember the words and the correct spelling. It’s kind of like learning to walk or talk.”

Junior high teacher Mary Daniels agrees with Heembrock.

“I don’t really believe in spelling tests because kids just memorize the words for the tests. I agree that repetition and using the words in different ways over and over really help soak in for them," Daniels said.




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