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Calgary based teacher publishes book internationally

Calgary – Calgary based teacher Roberta Heembrock addresses the importance of correct spelling in her new book Why Kids Can’t Spell: A Practical Guide to the Missing Component in Language Proficiency.

“The importance of spelling, standard spelling, is based on our need to communicate with each other. It is important because we are social beings; we need to communicate with each other. We’ve tried throughout history to write things down and a standard spelling give us a way of writing that can be passed on from generation to generation,” said Heembrock.

Why Kids Can’t Spell: A Practical Guide to the Missing Component in Language Proficiency focuses on all stages of the developmental process from preschool to upper elementary. It is in a scope and sequence format where each chapter builds on the previous one and includes discussion on spelling and an examination and analysis of children's writing samples. The chapters are followed by generative, inquiry-based, project-based ideas and activities.

 “The purpose of this book is to encourage and foster good spelling practices in the home, while reflecting today's teaching methods,” said Heembrock. “We need to understand the spelling process and give young writers the opportunity to work with words in their writing.”

Why Kids Can’t Spell is written for parents and educators who have an interest in and a concern for the teaching of correct spelling.
Heembrock has taught with the Calgary Board of Education for over 14 years and has been a teacher for over twenty years after receiving both her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education with a concentration in Special Education from Acadia University. Her research is based on the six stages of spelling developed by Shane Templeton and J. Richard Gentry’s Model of Spelling Development.




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