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Oscar The Herring Gull

A friend is a friend, even when it's a smarty-pants gull. In this charming and realistic story young readers will learn that compassion is the greatest gift. It can save a life. ~ Ben Gadd, Naturalist and Award Winning Author

This poignant story portrays the rewarding friendship that develops between Grammie Sara and Oscar—a "show off, smarty pants" Herring Gull. Oscar the Herring Gull will leave the reader with a much greater appreciation for these charming and feisty birds. ~ Linda Glaser, Award Winning Children’s Author

Why Kids Can't Spell: A Practical Guide to the Missing Component in Language Proficiency

All parents and teachers can mix teaching spelling, reading, and writing with enjoyment and fun! Roberta Heembrock’s comprehensive guide for teaching preschool through upper elementary children is practical, doable at school or at home, and fun. No more struggles helping your child. You’ll find this book chock full of great ideas for smart, enjoyable, teaching—paving the way for your child’s literacy success. - J. Richard Gentry, Author of Breakthrough in Beginning Reading and Writing.

Teachers and parents alike will appreciate this very useful and comprehensive book. It places spelling firmly in the context of language-learning, a gives a wealth of ideas to help build the patterns that form the basis of spelling knowledge. - Jo Phenix, Author of The Spelling Teacher’s Handbook and Spelling for Parents.

I am particularly impressed with the attention paid to the early - pre-school years, as this does set the child up for success in school by introducing them to the letters and sounds they make. I look forward to seeing the book published and being able to read the later chapters as I believe they too will be innovative, well thought and laid out and fun. - Patricia Irwin, Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Pediatric Rehabilitation

The book would be an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and children.  The book is well thought out, and the activities are fun and easy to do.  It would encourage parents to participate in their children's learning process.  I would really like to see your book published, and I would certainly find a way to promote it around my district:  Cherry Creek School District. - Louise Barbour, Third Grade Teacher, Cherry Creek Elementary

As a parent I am always second guessing my skills as a "teacher" when it comes to homework like reading and spelling.  Your book provided many examples of how to incorporate learning strategies into everyday activities which you can do with your children.  Your examples are fresh and interesting and the explainations are clear.  I especially liked the book big idea. Your book provides a good background and understanding on the development of a child's spelling.  - Sherry MacRae, Parent




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