Hands On Activities


Here is a sampling of some games and activities provided in the book.  They are easy to prepare and quick to play.  Go ahead, I dare you to try.  Enjoy!

A Giant Picture Word Sort
Choose a particular theme (dinosaurs, space, or spring, for example) and draw a large picture of something that identifies your theme. Cut it out and add any needed specific detailing. Using a pencil, dictionary, and topic-related resources, find words that match the topic. Print the words randomly, yet neatly on the large picture. Have your child trace the words with crayons or markers and display them on the wall or refrigerator door.

Chain Words
You write one word and your child has to come up with another word that starts with the last letter or ending of your word. Use a dictionary for help. The play continues until all words are exhausted. Make sure you have your child underline, circle, and highlight the beginning consonant letter, blends, word endings, vowels, and so on, and practice saying the word, articulating and stressing the consonant letters, consonant blends, final digraphs, word endings, or vowels.

Family Night Reporter
Have your child prepare, report, and discuss the particulars of his word study for the week. You can have him teach and “educate” the family. When appropriate, make sure that he tries and focuses the direction of his presentation using the 5 W’s _ H questions as a framework (i.e., who, what, where, when, why, and how?).

Word Study Treasure Hunt
Set up a house hunt or newspaper hunt, creating clues and searching for related objects or words reviewing the concepts. Have your child look for a particular word study, such as finding examples of things that end in ng. Set a specific time limit. Have a race against the clock to see who can come up with the most words or objects using a particular learned concept.

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