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Oscar is taking flight across country!

Following three successful book signings Nova Scotia's newest rascal is now available on-line. Let Oscar transport you to the summers of youth at the Cove and Nova Scotia antics.

BookMeet Oscar, a bold and adventurous Herring Gull, who befriends Grammie Sara, a caring woman in a small seaside town in Nova Scotia. His dive-bombing antics and charming personality quickly win her heart. When Oscar doesn't show up for his daily feeding of scraps one day though, Grammie Sara becomes very worried and fears the worst. She scours the beaches for weeks, listening for Oscar's unique call but he is nowhere to be found. Will Grammie Sara find Oscar?

Follow Grammie Sara as she searches for Oscar and learn why Herring Gulls are important sea birds. Oscar may even have a surprise for you!

Featured on Earthcare Canada with lesson plans for teachers!

To find out more about Oscar, click here


Speaking Engagements

I am an experienced elementary teacher working in Calgary, Alberta.  I have spoken at conferences and workshops locally, provincially, nationally and internationally for parents, teachers, educators, students and the public.

I am willing to customize speaking engagements and workshops according to your needs and specifications. I have hands on activities, power point presentations, and video available for any engagement. For more information, click here.

Please contact Roberta directly to discuss arrangements, dates, costs and agenda direction at bert121@shaw.ca

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